LSA Students Eligible to Receive NCAA Scholarships!

Lee's Summit Academy is proud to announce that it has been approved by the NCAA for scholarship eligibility. The NCAA examined LSA’s curriculum, graduation stats and other data to ensure that LSA met academic requirements along with other standards.

What does this mean for LSA students? Students who are actively pursuing sports through clubs and other associations can attend LSA and be academically eligible to play college sports and to receive scholarships. Without this approval, students and families would be forced to make a difficult decision: leave LSA to attend a NCAA-approved school or accept the fact that their student-athlete would be academically ineligible during their first year in college.

Wayne Houts’s son is enrolled in LSA as a sophomore this year, and he’s a serious soccer player hoping to obtain a scholarship and play college ball. Houts says, “Finding out that LSA is now NCAA approved is a great relief to our family. Now Cameron can continue attending the school he loves knowing that he will be academically eligible because of this new status.”

This is just one more example of Lee's Summit Academy’s commitment to not only educating its students but also to supporting their long term goals including college sports.

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