christian school

Searching for a Christian School in the South Kansas City area?  Lees Summit Academy offers a balanced and safe environment for children K-12.  Our strengths are:

  1.  Small teacher student to child ratio that allows us to focus directly on each student's success.  As of summer 2017, our ratio is lower than 10 students to 1 teacher.  This is the best optimal learning environment for a child.
  2. Secure environment where we have a full time armed security guard, and multiple security measures in place to ensure every child is safe at all times.
  3. Academic success is very important to us.  But unlike other christian schools in the area that are known for endless hours of homework a night, we place significant value on family time in the evenings.  We do not want our student's neglecting their family time to do excessive amounts homework.
  4. Balance!  We believe that family life, creative time and academics are all necessary for a students success.  Each part has it's place in developing the character and values of a student.  Here at Lees Summit Academy, you will find that we strive for a high level of balance in all areas of life.
  5. We strive to provide excellent opportunity for our students.  Recently, we achieved NCAA eligibility for scholarships.  We provide excellent opportunities for drama, music and other opportunities for our students.

Take a tour today and check out the benefits of Lees Summit Academy.  Admissions are open until August 28, 2017.